Employers Agent

An Employers Agent works on behalf of and under the authority of the Employer, to administer the conditions of the contract.

The range of services we offer to our clients includes: -

  • Preparation of employer’s requirements documentation, in association with the client and other consultants.
  • Instructions in respect of expenditure of provisional sums interim payment certificates for valuations of works and materials on and off site.
  • Instructions in respect of variations, changes, confirmation of information and consents
  • Certificates of Practical Completion and accompanying schedules of defective works.
  • Certificates of Making Good Defects at the end of the defects liability period or at the completion of defects (whichever is the latter).
  • Final Payment certificate following agreement of Final Statement of Account with contractor and certificate at end of Defects Liability Period.

The scope of service for Pre-Construction includes: -
• appointment of the team to suit the procurement and programme constraints
• production of a comprehensive master programme
• development of a risk register 

– establishing a management framework
– development of an information required schedule and design strategy
– managing the signing-off of the master plan, master programme, project brief and delivery strategy; and
– change control procedures

• delivery of a procurement route strategy


The scope of service for Construction stage includes: -
• Pre-qualification and selection of contractor(s).
• Preparation of the employer’s requirements if a design and build route is selected.
• Management of the procurement process.
• Refinement of the construction methodology, employer’s requirements and contractor’s proposals.
• Administration of the terms of the contract.
• Monitoring the site performance of the contractor to ensure that key milestone dates are achieved.
• Management of the phased completion of the project.
• Management of the flow of information between the contractor and the design team.


The scope of service for Post-Construction stage includes: -

• Managing the process of issuing of operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, and ensuring adequate training is given to any facilities management.
• Management of the post construction process to ensure any post-PC issues are rectified.


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